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What we do

Children with disabilities in Ukraine are not given the same opportunities as similar children in the USA. USNOF helps in the fight for early intervention programs led by parent groups and in technical training of teachers and administrators. The organization also provides outreach to various Rivne area orphanages. In addition, a repair team frequently travels with the organization and does simple repairs such as painting and negotiates contracts for large-scale projects.


  1. to provide therapy equipment, educational literature, and supplies along with US early intervention teams to collaborate with Ukrainian therapists and teachers in the orphanages and rehabilitation centers of Ukraine.
  2. to support early intervention centers for parents and children with disabilities: to provide support services, salaries, supplies, and equipment.
  3. to seek relationships with professional educators in universities in the US and in Ukraine to collaborate ideas, strategies, and internships to work with children with disabilities in the orphanages and early intervention centers.
  4. to support and improve facilities housing children with disabilities in Ukraine to improve their quality of life.
  5. to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations in our efforts to improve the survival and development of children with disabilities in Ukraine.
  6. to embrace the communities of Ukraine surrounding the children with disabilities for the purpose of education and ministry to these special children of God.