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Trip Reports

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2002 Summer Trip

2002 Fall Trip

2003 Summer Trip

2004 Summer Trip

2005 Spring Trip

2005 Summer Trip

2006 Summer Trip

2007 August Trip

Ukraine 2007

2008 Parents Conference

2008 Summer Trip

The Story of USNOF

| Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Programs' Article about USNOF

2007 USNOF Year in Review

"Reflections on Ukraine" by Mary Buckner

"Miracle in Ukraine" by Rev. W. Benjamin Boswell

"Educator's Report" by Diane Browder and Katherine Trela

"Building Capacity One Step at a Time:  Early Intervention in Ukraine" by Laura M. Justice

Letter from Ukraine

Berizka Basketball Bash - 2003

Berizka Basketball Bash - 2008  see photos from the bash here