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Friday/Saturday (Amy)

Friday/Saturday (Amy)
Amy - Fri Jul 23, 2010 @ 07:30PM
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Saying Goodbye


Today is our last day here in Rivne. So much has happened, we played with the kids, messages were said, songs were sung, stories were told and most importantly, friendships were formed. It was a pretty emotional time. As I reflect and think on this whole week and what I was able to witness, I am truly blessed by God. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to see that God is working in all our lives and this has strengthened my trust in Him. I've been struggling with trust issues due to the past. This really helped me.

Early in the week, God had me meditate on Psalm 81:7 -
In your distress you called and I rescued you, I answered you out of a thundercloud; I tested you at the waters of Meribah.
God was testing me and my faith, whether I trusted in His ability to provide for me and He does, just as He promised.

The first day when we talked about Creation in story time, in the recreational time we gave each child a beanie baby. I was wondering if we had enough. We gave the children all each a beanie baby and then gave the kids at the Intake Facility each one, and ended up having some leftovers that we were able to give to the Baby House. On Wednesday we had an overwhelming group of kids that suddenly appeared and the VBS team was exhausted in the middle of it all. When we left and break for lunch we were all exhausted. I had prayed for energy because we still had to go to the older kids and God gave me strength. I ended up playing futbal with them and I thought I couldn't move anymore! Thursday when we talked about Easter and did Easter Egg Hunt with all the children, again I doubted and wondered if we had enough eggs for them. Each little kids were able to get 4-5 eggs and the older children had about 6-7 eggs. It was the perfect amount. God does provide and He provides just enough!

On Friday the older kids did a little performance for us by singing and gave us gifts that they made. We treated them to a pizza party and gave them a copy of the Bible. I also realized that trying to buy a Bible in Ukraine is not that easy. We had to go to a Christian book store in order to get some. Back home, it's so easy to find a Bible in almost any bookstore. We, as Americans, are so truly blessed that this great book is so easily accessible.

Ukraine is a great place. I love the time here and all the Ukrainian friends I made. They all shared with me a little about their country. Each one of them are proud Ukrainians, but like most government in any countries, it needs work. Government is corrupted by selfish leaders and law that does not get enforced. Common people struggle with everyday life, and even with the difficult struggles, my Christian Ukrainian friends are content and thankful for God. So much so, that they are so willing to serve God by helping others even though their situations are not the most ideal. Each of us have different circumstances and struggles, but all of us are capable of helping one another.

Before i end this blog, I'd like to share that there's a lot of pizzas here in Ukraine. Every corner in Rivne seems to have pizza and I hate pizza. I was able to go to one pizza place that had the best pizza I ever ate, it's called La Rivera (I hope I spelled it correctly). It's right by the river/lake/pond. I was able to eat real Ukrainian food and found that they eat mostly potatoes, dill, meat, sour cream, mayo (mostly on their salads), dill, pickles and did I mentioned dill?

Oleg, my new friend, said his wife is a great cook and that she makes everything by scratch. So, if I do come back to Ukraine, Kiev, I am inviting myself to his house and try out his wife's food. Thank you Oleg, for making my mouth water while listening to all the wonderful dishes your wife makes, while I eat the "Ukrainian Pizzas."

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