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Friday (Dave)

Friday (Dave)
Dave - Fri Jul 23, 2010 @ 12:14PM
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VBS....Gideon goes to RivneDave

A few years ago a team was being assembled to head to Poplarville, Mississippi, in response to Hurricane Katrina. As it was being arranged, approximately 25-30 people were expected to make the trip. As the date for departure drew near, fewer and fewer people were able to make the trip and the team ended up being 9 people. A bit concerned with the size of the team, we headed to Poplarville, stopping in Tennessee overnight. At that night's devotional, one of the team's leaders shared that he had been reading about Gideon that day. It seems God didn't want Gideon to take too large of an army to attack the Midianites lest man take the credit for the great victory. [ed. note - see Judges 7] Well, we had a Gideon sized army headed to Poplarville, and we accomplished everything that we had set out to do.

VBSI had forgotten this lesson in the time leading up to this trip to Ukraine. Our VBS team was too small at 5 people to run an effective VBS. So we sought more workers late into the trip planning and welcomed two others to our team. 7 was doable. 5 was not enough. And then we were reminded that God is in control. He knew that Sherry and Judy would be needed at home, and He knew that 5 was enough. And so we headed to Rivne with our Gideon sized army... and we accomplished everything we set out to do and more. It wasn't easy. But it wasn't supposed to be. Jenny, Rob, Megan, Amy and I were blessed to be witnesses to God's power.

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Comments: 2


1. Sherry Deane   |   Fri Jul 23, 2010 @ 04:50PM

Dave, we know that God is in control and knows more than we. We praise God for you guys and what you accomplished this week. The faces of the children tell it all.

2. judy thomason   |   Sat Jul 24, 2010 @ 02:07AM

Praise God for all of you on the team,I knew he would be with you and get the job done, Have a safe trip home and hope to be with you next year. By the way my grandaughters new heart is doing so well. she get stronger each day. thank you for your prayers

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