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2012 - Khmelnytsky

2012 - Khmelnytsky
Jason - Sat Jun 23, 2012 @ 01:00PM
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The 2012 Trip finds USNOF in a new city, Khmelnytsky. In 2009 and 2010 parents from Khmelnytsky approached USNOF in Rivne and asked for our assistance. We are excited to have the opportunity this year to respond to their requests.

Two teams are involved in this trip. A team of educators will present a conference at the Khmelnytsky Omni Center  for educators and parents of special needs children. Topics to be covered include non-verbal communication, autism, ADHD, literacy strategies, special education delivery models, and behavior strategies. Meanwhile, a  Bible School team will visit two orphanages and love on the orphans through Bible stories, crafts, and recreation.

The impact these two teams will have this week would not be possible without the sacrifice of these travelers, the support of their families, and the financial support of those who have contributed to make this trip a reality. For all of this I give you my deepest thanks, but I encourage you to let the images and stories posted here this week be your ultimate thanks.

Jason Miller, Managing Director, USNOF

Comments: 24


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